A press pass and I.

Barring something completely crazy happening within the next few days or so, I should be attending MLG Raleigh as a member of the press corps. It’ll be the first time that I have been given a press pass to report and support others who’ll be reporting the competitive games going on at the venue.

I’ll be with ESFI, a site that I write for, and will be gathering information about future games that might be included in the MLG scene as well as covering the StarCraft 2 league play that’ll be happening.

One of my primary goals for the trip is to pilot a series of impromptu video series based around the floor of the venue. I’ll use what I learned on the bus tour to inform how I can upload videos that aren’t just simple quality but can be produced on the fly. Thanks to the iPhone 4 and—I’m hoping—some decent cellular coverage, HD videos that’ll be uploaded quickly will be what I’m chiefly responsible for.

No, I don’t get paid for this, but I do get to spend a vacation doing something awesome.

Be sure to follow me so you can get the latest about what I’m up to while I’m in Raleigh.

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