A little delay with the next column.

Well, I had been planning to publish a series of columns to ESFI on Mondays (ideally just after business hours conclude on Monday afternoon) but it seems that its not to be this week as we begin to roll out some preview coverage for the upcoming MLG Providence event.

The delay caused me to be a bit anxious as I had previously thought it was just taking too long in the editing process, which instead of assuming that there was too much work to be done and I simply got sidelined I decided to freak out that my article must’ve been total crap and being rewritten or rejected.

In truth, it’s been delayed because of the massive amount of content that ESFI is about ready to publish in advance of MLG Providence this weekend. There’s a considerable increase in editorial content as well as informative preview articles and interviews being published according to the calendar that I have access to and you don’t, so keep an eye out for my column to be released either today or tomorrow and the rest of the awesome content waiting to be unleashed on the Internet over at ESFIworld.com.

Therefore, I give you permission to mock me due to my insecurity. Go on.

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