Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E1.

  • Dead Rising 3 is still a bad version of Left 4 Dead 1/2. Not interested.
  • Sony has potentially cured itself of the every-other-generation curse, even though the PS3 wasn’t that bad… in the end.
  • Popcap’s TF2/Borderlands 2 mashup runs in Frostbite 3, but… nope.avi.
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 IS A FUCKING REBOOT? I was hoping that with the tattoo sequence in the trailer was of Faith’s sister becoming initiated into the group of runners. AND they’re going to replace Faith’s sister with a brother. I am disappoint, DICE.
  • Forza 5 with Top Gear, how does that work? Also, James May is the best Top Gear host. In other news, Clarkson has the best narration voice and Hamster is the shortest.
  • Graham’s On Point for Xbox One is dead on. You should listen to him, MSFT, but you won’t. Instead of innovating with Windows 7, you made Windows 8, a product with features that no one wanted. And now the Xbox One is now becoming the next product with features that no one wanted. His last point on communication is oversimplified, but still right. MSFT is stuck on the corporate miscommunication bandwagon and Mattrick isn’t helping anything with his ridiculous comment about the Xbox 360.
  • Graham and Kathleen’s forced jokes are forced. This space could’ve been used as Kathleen’s piling on MSFT’s failure at E3.
  • I agree, Kathleen is totally that chick from Bayonetta.

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