Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E9.

  • Some of the randomly generated characters in a game about controlling people’s lives were gay and we didn’t know until recently? Tell me more.
  • Gift A Game To An Aussie Day is here! I wonder how many free games those Aussie folks will be getting at American and European prices.
  • $13.37 USD in credit for the Ouya store might be enough to get folks to add their credit cards to continue purchasing games over the Android set-top box, but will they just buy all of the games until they’ve used up their credit or not? This is big question hanging over the future of development for the platform.
  • Wasteland 2 is being delayed to add functionality that will allow players to completely break the game. That could only end poorly.
  • Russians are no longer buying Company of Heroes 2 because Relic has misattributed war crimes portrayed in the game to the Russian army. Also, they don’t like the stereotype all of the Russian characters had been cast into. g.g. Canadian game studios!
  • So wait, The Sims characters were allowed to be gay at a player’s discretion, and that was okay for nearly a decade old game? For a game that old, it’s even more impressive how progressive it was in the realm of sexuality, there. Neato.
  • HiRez seriously closed down their forum and just hopping into the /r/tribes subreddit? I’m with Graham on this one: someone needs to give them social media advice and quick.
  • Herp derp, Dark Souls joke.
  • War of the Vikings just looks like a Chivalry knockoff to me. PASS.

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