I posted a link in IRC and what happened next should stand on its own.

The link in question is this gem I found from Reddit.

What happened next is the following:

Anon 1: lol
Anon 1: good god I’m gonna laugh so hard when esgn craters
Anon 2: will artosis ever get a suit thats fits
Anon 2: frodan is so shit as a host
Anon 2: has kaelaris ever looked more ginger
Anon 1: you KNOW frodan thinks he’s just fuckin crushing it too
Anon 4: Anon 2, yea, he probably has
Anon 2: I have a feeling all of esgn think they are
Anon 2: even thought its baaaaaaad
Anon 1: they’re hiring a script writer now too
Anon 2: well the friday night thing i watched for 2 mins
Anon 1: who wants to write dialog for frodan?
bcarr: because they know they have hired ZERO personalities that can vamp properly
Anon 5: guys
Anon 2: would love to write stuff to make him look shit
Anon 5: who is going to be the first e-sports thug
Anon 1: Anon 5
Anon 2: but he does that himself well enough
Anon 5: classless thug
Anon 1: I thought that was stephano
Anon 5: actually probably that killa clown guy
Anon 2: nah stephano is just french
Anon 5: ^^
bcarr: brb posting the last three minutes’ conversation as a blog post
bcarr: CONTENT
Anon 5: though moman is kinda cool
Anon 2: you need to pad it out
Anon 2: give it a backstory
Anon 1: and some tweets
Anon 5: just make it like an ongamers news post
bcarr: fuck that shit, all I have to do is brand the shit out of it and i’ll get the esgn level of success
Anon 5: 3 sentences, 8 embeds

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