Pro esports business move: when your Call of Duty team wins the game’s biggest tournament, sell them immediately.

Does “the players and the organization felt it was time for a fresh start” mean anything other than Complexity couldn’t pay them enough? Evil Geniuses bought out a team contract for a record amount?

Feature Image - esports codIt’d be one thing to think that this was a lose-lose move for everyone involved, but it’s not. The players are definitely stepping up from nearly falling off the radar to winning the game’s most prestigious competition. It’s definitely a win-lose situation, though. Complexity has to start all over again finding a team that can compete on the COD franchise’s stage while generating a fraction of the hype that their championship-caliber team had.

I’m sure the real reasons behind the deal haven’t been disclosed, but I just can’t see how Complexity thought it was a benefit to let a good thing go. I suppose they just have to double down on their LCS-bound League of Legends team, instead.

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