Twenty-five victories later, I’m back in Gold Nova III.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.54.39 PM

After playing at a casual rate for the past few weeks, I’ve finally been repromoted back up to Gold Nova III. After being demoted thanks to a Rush mission and finally realizing that I am just scrub-tier and not in ELO-hell, I’m back on the up-and-up it seems. And I feel like I’m playing better all around.

I haven’t gotten any aces in matchmaking or any huge plays as the last person alive—nothing montage-worthy, certainly—but I feel like my aiming and my reaction times are getting better. I’m making better choices with how to play the positions that are out there on… Dust II.

Yeah, I’m grinding Dust II for ranks more than I’m playing the other maps available to me, but when you only have to wait sixty seconds tops instead of minutes as the queues for the other maps are, it’s quite the appealing scenario when you’re trying to play as many games as you can before your self-imposed bed time. Or something like that.

But for the rest of tonight, I’m going to take a break, have another beer, and put my feet up. Or play more FreeSpace. Yeah, probably that.

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