Aside: Surprise: the stream didn’t happen this weekend. I played Heroes instead.

So, whaddya know? My streaming process wasn’t as foolproof and straight-forward as I thought.

The breakdown lies in the converter box that I’m using to translate the component out from my PlayStation 2 to an HDMI compatible signal to the Elgato Game Capture HD60. It was able to output a picture to my capture box, but the signal dropped out every few seconds or so and made playing an action game like Ace Combat 5 unrealistic.

lunarJaina_frame-800In other news, I finally paid for a skin in a Dota-clone this weekend. I paid for the Lunar Jaina skin as a part of the Lunar 2016 Package.

I mean, just look at it.

I admit I am just a weak, weak man.

Heroes of the Storm has been growing on me, a lot, lately. The simplified leveling mechanics allows for a map’s objectives and mid-to-late game kills matter so much more. It also helps that the game’s precision skills don’t really require pinpoint accuracy, like other popular Dota-clones do. There’s just something about how easy it is to pick up and the level of cat-and-mouse play that’s goes into any given lane’s matchup.

LFZ2PW8U7YKI1454437553191And look at the Lunar Dragon mount. I DO DECLARE THAT IT IS STRAIGHT FIRE. I am going to use this both the Jaina skin and the Dragon mount whenever I play as her. I suppose I also got access to Illidan and a skin of his as well, but forget that!

I now instantly understand why skins are such a huge part of Dota-clones’ business plans and profitability.

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