Aside: Episode 5 is a little late, but the rant is strong in this one.

Just published today’s podcast. A little later than usual, but the three stories are all there and I have definitely already forgotten what I’ve said.

Gotten the recording and editing process down to about an hour and a half, but this one took a little bit longer because I didn’t have any notes to help me along–just the stories and statements I was bouncing ideas off of for the podcast.

I feel bad for not being organized, but I wanted to rush this one out as soon as possible just so I didn’t end up getting distracted. Volume level is up compared to Thursday’s recording, since there was no one else in the house. I feel like I need more soundproofing in the room if I’m actually going to produce these for a long period of time. Putting that on the to-buy list right after a new PC.

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