Aside: Regarding my post-rank normalization patch CS:GO matchmaking experience.

I’ve recently been promoted back to Gold Nova 3 in CS:GO thanks to having a pretty cool group of folks to play with and the fact that I finally figured out how to manage a stable 60fps playing experience on my MacBook Air and I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  • I can’t wait for the day when Macs aren’t complete shitboxes for gaming,
  • I may be have a toxic nature but if I mute people, I can reach obscene levels of zen,
  • I need to get better at entry-fragging on maps that aren’t de_dust2, and
  • I’m not as bad as I think I am.

Yes, I understand that the true ranking metrics aren’t related to the visible group ranking in my profile, but I can’t get over thinking that I am making some sort of progress. I have a few ideas on practicing to become a better entry-fragger on maps that aren’t de_dust2, and I’m going to be giving those a shot this weekend as well as taking de_dust2 out of my competitive matchmaking rotation for a little while.

If there are better ways to improve aim/skill that don’t involve buying a new computer or watching a professional player’s stream like a fanboy, I’m definitely open to suggestion.

Regardless of the effort that I put into playing better, I know that I didn’t reach this rank solo queuing all of my matches. I’ve played with some skilled friends who carry me more often than not. They’re pretty good, I won’t deny it.

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