Aside: I think I need a new mouse.

I’ve been using a Logitech M305 for the longest time now, and now that I have a real machine that can hang in there at 1080p60 with all of the games that I play, I think it’s time that I upgraded.

There’s a definite inconsistency that I feel when moving horizontally (that is to say, looking around in CS:GO) and I feel like I simply don’t have the control that I need at my skill level. I’m also convinced that the optical nature and low-DPI of the mouse I’m using contributes heavily to being unable to use any of the game’s sniper rifles with some sort of success. The mouse doesn’t update enough to allow for the sub-second micro-corrections needed to be effective.

Anywho, I’m looking for recommendations for a mouse upgrade.

First recommendation: Rival 100.

Second recommendation: Anything by Roccat.

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