Aside: TLEP #033 – Overwatch Is So Damn Fun

OverwatchFollowing a week of upcoming shooters being announced and other contenders being released (like Battleborn, whatever that’s supposed to be), Overwatch’s open beta rightfully stole the weekend–not to mention the hype from everything else being released in the next two months. At least that’s how I see it. It reminds me of the best parts of Team Fortress 2 combined with Blizzard’s ability to rearrange the formula of a given genre (as in Heroes of the Storm) to make it better.

battlefield1-00Also, I didn’t make a post about Saturday’s episode at the time because of pressing personal reasons and exponentially worsening levels of panic attacks, but I talked about the Battlefield 1 announcement and tried to give it a little bit of a reality check–especially with regards to the series hit-and-miss esports relevancy.

As always, the podcast feed and episode list can be found on the lowercase esports podcast index.

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