Aside: TLEP #034 – Non-Exclusive Exclusivity

Today’s episode of the lowercase esports podcast uses the details from yesterday’s post about the World Esports Association leak as a jumping off point for a discussion about how far-reaching this organization’s potential legal authority could be. It’s so weird for ESL to think that an organization like this benefits players or that it needs to exist at all.

I’d also like to take this space to express my gratitude towards the whiskey I consumed during the production of this episode. You helped me through some mental blocks and even though you impaired me to the point where I stumbled on the simplest of acronyms and initialisms, you also helped me to ignore that horrible squeaker that gaben matched me up with on CS:GO MM later that evening. You’re the true hero, whiskey.

The episode listing and subscription links can be found at the podcast index.

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