Aside: keekerdc v. Kluwe

Internet cool person keekerdc is a skeptic about plenty of esports things from business practices to leagues. He voiced one such opinion in a tweet referencing Chris Kluwe’s recently penned call for an all-esports-league and for Kluwe himself to be crowned emperor of this new unified esports frontier.

Kluwe issued a challenge, and hooo boy did keek lay it on him.

I don’t want to say that Kluwe knows nothing about esports since he’s an advocate whose support esports-as-a-whole benefits from, but I think he’s gone off the deep end with his call to found a One World Esport.

Also, among other cool things that happened today: Kluwe and I went back and forth on Twitter about this, albeit briefly. (I’d link it here, but it’s not like anything I said was the best form of my argument.) I was not trying to troll him or antagonize him, but I felt I needed more context in order to piece together how he thinks that by essentially reviving the CGS the current esports curfluffle could be righted.

I admit that I lack the imagination to see the solution as he states it and I’ll also admit that Twitch and YouTube being vectors that the CGS never had that could make such an experiment worth investigating is a real thing, but he wasn’t able to convince me–though I’m not the one that needs convincing.

I reckon it’d take at least a billion dollars in cash to get these corporate publishers to hand over their in-house leagues or completely buy out the other tournament organizers who run publisher-sanctioned events.

In my estimation, you either support the One World Esport or not. Personally, I can’t see the scene devolve into a monopoly, regardless of how hard some are willing to try.

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