Aside: TLEP #039 – The Morning After Overwatch Began (Rough)

Today’s podcast is a little on the rough side, I’ll admit. It covers my attempt at trying to emulate some of the people I follow on Twitter who live on the West Coast and seem to end up stay up much, much later than I can to play all of the Overwatch. It’s a pretty fun game, when you get down to it, and I don’t feel nearly as tilted when I lose than I do with CS:GO, for the reasons I’ve recently stated on this blog.

Oh, if you want to add me on, send bcarr#1604 a request. I’ll get back to you sometime this evening. Maybe we’ll even play a few games!

In addition to Overwatch shenanigans, I also addressed some controversial, semi-trolling that I did of PVPLive’s ESPN/Riot report on Twitter.

You can find all of the podcast links, including subscription links, over at the podcast index.

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