Aside: Braindump: 26 July 2016

I originally posted this to Facebook, but I don’t think it’s worth posting to Medium. So here’s this. If you find me on Facebook and we haven’t had a face-to-face, don’t expect an add. I try to keep things separate that way.

Updates of all types in varying degrees of relevance in no particular order:

  • I went to EVO. It was good. Vegas wasn’t nearly as bad as the weather around Richmond lately, though. At least it didn’t feel as bad. There was more of a breeze there than there is here. I’m not sure why that is. There was a lot of people there. I ran seven pools between Friday and Saturday. Has definitely sealed its place in my annual routine.
  • A friend of mine runs a tournament called Smash Attack in NY. I want to go up there in August. Nothing finalized yet, but am currently taking suggestions for a whirlwind walking southern hick tourist tour of Brooklyn.
  • During poker time on vacation, I stacked this one woman twice. As she’s considering moving in one of the times, she asked me if I had something against her. I told her I’m just trying not to screw up. She calls, I turn over quads, the table sings a unison note of surprise. I stack her for probably $90. She proceeds to target me for the remainder of the evening, passive aggressively mentioning to the seat next to her how “you’re just not supposed to assume he has quad jacks all the time until he does.” Later, she reloads a third time. A few hands later, after the button passes me, I stand up and begin stacking my winnings to head over the cashier. “You’re leaving right after I buy in again?” I tell her “Lady, I have a plane to catch and I should probably share the book I’ve been reading all night with everyone at the table.”
  • I’m going to reorganize my friends list on here. Maybe I will log in more often. I still don’t like Facebook. It’s okay. Nobody likes Twitter anymore and I’ve always been the slow, pedantic hick that can’t catch up. Everybody wins. It’s fine. If you’re the type that gets offended when someone unfriends you, please refocus your offense into something else.
  • I am playing Pokemon Go. Team Mystic. I catch Pidgeys and Zubats more often than I’d like. Mildly losing interest. Hoping Nintendo won’t screw up Fire Emblem when they bring it to phones.
  • Politics are happening. Here’s your friendly reminder not to be a douchelord or douchelady during this time. Also to support C-SPAN, because 90% of things on other news channels are bad.
  • Additional politics suggestion: watch the UK Parliament do this thing called Prime Minister’s Questions every Wednesday. You’ll start to wish POTUS (the current one, either of the standing candidates, whoever) could do that on a regular basis instead of hiding behind their Press Secretary.
  • October doesn’t seem that long ago. Sometimes I think about it and I have to mentally check the math—the first thing that comes to mind is ‘six months ago’ when it’s closer to ten months. It’s as if the summer has dragged on too long. Or something.
  • Why does Facebook not support Markdown? Sakes. How do people handle all of this plain text? Cue headache.

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