Back to the blog.

I’ve made one of these posts before using the same title. And yet, I’ve committed another exodus from this blog to Medium. And once again, I’m returning to this WordPress installation that I’ve had online for years.

In an age where Twitter’s stability and timeline seem to be getting more constrained every day top the point where the social media platform’s sunset years (or quarters) are in front of it, I just feel like the platform where I’m the most at home at isn’t exactly the most dependable place to put my ideas going forward. While it still exists, I’m going to use it, rest assured.

As far as why I’m moving back to the blog from Medium, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t live up to the massive amount of writing and formality that Medium seems to bring for my longer-than-a-tweet content. I like Medium as a platform. I like the design of everything on Medium. The editor is brilliant. The functionality of publications and profiles makes sense to me.

I think Medium will find more success from users and freelance writers who’ve actually spent time honing their writing skills. It’s fair to say that I don’t have that experience and ability, as much as I’d like to have thought that I could be a news writer or some sort of journalist about esports or anything else, really. I just want to write snarky posts that drip in sarcasm and skepticism (potentially ignorance) on a site that I control and own.

So yeah. Smaller posts. More direct writing. Less feeling like I have to write epic dissertations. More thinking like I can use the blog to help keep up without giving others a feed overload.

I’m going to try.

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