Aside: Regarding the recent discussion of frag movies.

Since @thooorin published a video discussing what he calls The Fragmovie Problem, I’ve been thinking about the good ol’ days of frag movies.

I remember when frag movies weren’t expressly the meme exhibitions that they mostly seem to be today. Think about it: before the ubiquity of streaming capability, only a few people had the perfect combination of a computer able to capture its own video output, proper music sequencing and video creation software, and the knowledge to connect everything together in such a way to be entertaining.

I used to keep up with the content posted to in the heyday of CS:S bunnyhopping and Q3A promods. One of the videos that I liked the most wasn’t a CS:S frag movie or a CS 1.6 historical reference, but a Quake promod music video called The Contenders 2.

Every time I hear the bridge to Rage Against The Machine’s Bulls on Parade, I think of this quad damage railgun spree.

Sadly, due to a copyright claim, the video above is only the first half of the video, but contains a handful of the best scenes I’ve seen in any frag movie. entik’s full video seems lost on the current version of, which is sad. The second half of the video has a couple of kickass sequences that culminate in a spaced out credits roll that’s assembled beautifully.

I haven’t found a full version of The Contenders 2 on a streaming site, but there is a download hosted on MaverickServers box somewhere in the ether. You should check it out sometime.

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