31 December 2019

It’s been quite the year. For esports. And for me. Potentially the lowest I’ve been in quite a long while, since Dad died. Since I gave Mom away to Ray. My anxiety is at its highest levels that I’ve ever felt. A lot of that rests on me.

I used to write a lot. Every day. In notebooks with a fountain pen, I kept notes on anything I wanted to. Before I was let go at Feedback, I bought a Techo planner that I was going to make a grid for. It worked for a week. Then I was let go.

I’m finally going to use this as a means to restart that habit. The longer I keep this up, maybe the longer I can keep my sanity. It’d be nice to think that I can keep something in my head.

I’ll update my blog over the next few weeks to bring it kicking and screaming into the modern times—secure and decently clean enough to maintain some sort of presence. Maybe even move from tweeting to blogging again? Sure would be nice. Wouldn’t it?

Samson says “hi,” too.

B Site: the NA-based alternative CS:GO league

DeKay reports that a new CS:GO league, B Site, will be launching a competitive series in early 2020. Twelve teams will pay $2m USD for a franchise slot and partial ownership of the league. While other NA-based forays failed as a result of including exclusivity agreements on its teams, B Site will not place similar restrictions on participating in other tournaments. 1

While participating in events outside of semi-annual Major tournaments should be free from contractual limitation, B Site’s proposed schedule of three month-long regular seasons followed by a tournament playoff with a year-ending LAN final could easily eat up half a year of time in planning and execution. Forget the two million USD investment on a slot, that’s a huge time commitment for these organizations.

I wonder how MTG feel about the prospect of a successful NA-based venture stealing their thunder after being rebuked again for attempting virtually the same thing. Well, nearly the same thing.

How about the realistic returns on investment for orgs and rosters? DeKay shows off a chart of a projected revenue share and it’s a substantially higher rate than what the same chart claims MTG pay out for its ESL Pro League participants.

Back at it again.

I can’t handle Medium anymore. I like the ideas behind it, but I’m just not sure it’s an ideal situation for a personal blog moving forward. I want better control over shorter posts. I don’t want to be guilt-tripped into added x amount of words in order to trip the secret sauce formula in order to get views.

I just want a place to write.

Yeah, this place doesn’t have an SSL cert. I’ll fix that in due time. Also, I’ll be archiving my lowercase esports posts over here and reposting them under my name.

I’ll add more here, soon.