The first of three posts regarding why I think the Mass Effect trilogy is great.

While it sure seems that the whole of the gaming community is grabbing pitchforks and torches in response to the ruining of SimCity by Maxis and EA (completely evidenced by the game costing only $40 USD on Amazon only two weeks after its official launch), I have to say… damn, am I hooked on this Mass Effect property they have.

I picked up the Mass Effect Trilogy recently and after only spending maybe 30-40 minutes with the first title in the past, I think that it might have vaulted up to one of the top-10 gaming experiences that I can remember. It wasn’t just the gameplay of the titles, because let’s be honest, it was pretty rough at first but the way that the game’s story can be molded is pretty damn impressive.

Here’s the first part in a three part series on why I think the Mass Effect Trilogy is important.

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