TLEP #028: Call of Redo-ty

If Activision Blizzard plays its card right with the upcoming Call of Duty title (especially considering what’s purportedly being packed in with the game,) it’s sure to spark a huge positive response from its community of hardcore fans. Today’s podcast explores just how cool this whole idea is if it comes with the right support.

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TLEP #025: A Minor Thing

Would you look at that? MLG–I mean–Activision Blizzard will be running another official CS:GO tournament! In today’s podcast I go over the announced details for the upcoming Americas Minor and I briefly explore why ATVI getting more work from Valve wasn’t as shaky a proposition as I originally thought.

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Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E5.

  • Graham is trying to make EVE sound cool. This should be interesting.
  • More Canada jokes!
  • Vivendi is going to attempt to strong-arm ActiBlizzvisionard into helping them out financially by using its newly-found power to force the company to take loans to sure up their own financial problems. It helps to understand the situation that Vivendi is a publisher and the entire industry has shifted from the publisher-developer model to a self-publisher model thanks to venues like Steam. They’re a bit more desperate than we thought if they’re employing tactics like these to get paid.
  • World of Warcraft getting an in-game store? It’s about time. World of Warcraft becoming pay-to-win ON TOP OF A SUBSCRIPTION? It’s about time. Maybe Blizzard will lose enough hardcore players that it’ll seriously reevaluate all of its bad decisions its made since Diablo 3 lost features in its beta.
  • Real reporting bit: an ingenious way to tool a game for children by making the controller larger to recreate how a child might hold the PS4 controller. The first Xbox controller burn aside, I was wondering what I was looking at when I saw pictures of the controller pop up around the internets.
  • Kathleen actually wraps up the entire Pandemic Legion supercarrier whelp within about a minute and fifteen seconds. And does a great job at it. The quip about feeling like a war correspondent doesn’t seem entirely like a joke. I wonder if she’s ever tried to sit down and play the game…
  • Graham reporting on the FFX remake makes me upset that I don’t own a Vita. If I get a PS4, I might as well pick up a Vita too, but until then… I’ll stick with my PS2 copy of the game, thankyouverymuch.
  • BRB, making an ‘assnbutts’ feat. Kath-dog remix.
  • If Battleship isn’t an AR game of immense proportions, fuck Google Glass.