Back to the blog.

It was a fun experiment while it lasted, but I think it’s best that I re-evaluate posting exclusively on Medium, especially since the recent updates have dramatically changed how some important bits work.

They removed comments from posts and merged that functionality into a universal response system. Depending on how I begin writing a response to a post, it gets treated differently by Medium: some responses end up being listed as posts in the top part of my profile page immediately under my identifying information, while others get relegated to a third section too far down the page past a feature that displays my recent highlights.

So, while I’m not going to stop using the service entirely, I am going to stop putting content there first and make a return to placing this blog at the center of what I’m writing on the Internet. Every once in a while I might post something to Medium first, but I don’t expect that to happen too often.

That being said… I wonder what’s happened to WordPress since I last used it.