This headline hurts my brain, vol 1.

A pseudo-fluff piece 1 written by Jordan Crook over at TechCrunch recently jumped out to me on a recent browsing of my tech news aggregator of choice 2. And not exactly jumped out at me in a positive way.

While I am what one might call an Apple fanboy, I can’t help but feel that the whole objective of this story is to:

  • hype up their startup-hypemachine (which recently happened),
  • note that cool developers also use Android,
  • remind us (unnecessarily) that Android is still around.

I wonder what was going through the writer’s mind when she was writing this piece. It’s not as if Android really needs any sort of leg up on the competition—and that’s a discussion for another time, honestly.

The self-serving part of this article just hurts my brain more than anything. I can understand that the observation had to be made, but this could’ve been made in another article, and not masked as a writer’s experience and thoughts on the evening. We know what they think about the evening—they chose the winners of the event. They could just as easily wrap that up in a sizable review post for the event.

Then again, I generally avoid TechCrunch for reasons like these.

Then again, like most blogs that rely on advertising revenue—certainly the case with TC since the acquisition by AOL—this manner of link baiting can’t be helped anymore.

  1. Android Can No Longer Be Ignored… (Crook, TechCrunch)
  2. TechMeme, because it’s awesome.