TLEP #052 – ELEAGUE Exclusion Edict Expressed Erroneously

Yesterday was quite the eventful day for the CS:GO scene. ELEAGUE’s exclusion of SK Gaming and Team X was a certainly controversial and the sheer fact that this sanction came about from a petition co-signed by seven team owners who effectively threatened to pull their business is remarkable. While the legal side of this decision has sparked discontent toward Turner’s handling of the situation, the delivery of this decision was executed in an abysmal manner. ELEAGUE’s commissioner should be ashamed at how this was handled.

Today’s episode of the lowercase esports podcast is a lengthy, speculation-filled overview of the ramifications of yesterday’s judgement. I’ve said the podcast is meant to be a fifteen to twenty minute affair, but I fully reserve the option to throw the time guidelines straight out and I’ve done exactly that for today’s episode.

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Throw away your television, now.

Episode 9 is now live. In it, I try to find some sort of meaning from ELeague’s Vegas performance and rumors surrounding its future with a certain shooter showing major esport potential.

The editing process was relatively quick compared to some of the other episodes I’ve done, as I now feel relatively confident in the effectiveness of the Truncate Silence effect built into Audacity. I think I have the filter’s threshold set to something like -45 dB for silences longer than half a second. Without edits like that, the podcast would have been an extra two minutes long and I would definitely come off far more daft without the edit.

I really think I’m starting to hit my stride with the shorter episodes.

CAUTION: This episode contains NSFW descriptions of Colin Cowherd fans as dumb hicks and fucking brainwashed morons. Listener agreement is advised.