TLEP #040 – Off To A Weak Start

FaZe is out of WESA citing some major disappointments it had with the organization’s recent entrance to the scene. In today’s episode of the lowercase esports podcast I attempt to break down the various reasons why this had to happen and if there’s any hope for WESA moving forward.

Spoiler alert: there is.

Rest assured, we’re going to switch gears away from WESA after today’s podcast, unless, of course, something new comes up. And I do have a few different topics planned for Saturday which will mean the use of notes!

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FaZe out of WESA

Hey–whaddya know? That rumor about FaZe wanting out of WESA wasn’t just a rumor, after all. Definitely found the topic for the lowercase esports podcast tomorrow.

Esports lawyer dude Bryce Blum just had his own overview of WESA based on today’s news published over at ESPN. I’m reading this right now, but from a cursory glance it doesn’t appear to contain any new information. Blum’s write-ups are always worthwhile to read, if for no other reason than a legal perspective from someone that actively represents parties in esports.