Positive rep never felt so good.

After identifying myself as a badpilot and badposter in a forum community, I have found myself getting a piece of advice that I think I’ll take to heart everywhere that I post:


The EVE Online meta is arguably the best metagame that exists in the realm of online gaming. Where StarCraft 2 and similar games have a meta based on preference and then strategy/tactics compared to EVE’s meta is largely based on politics/reputation and then results measured by financial efficiency.

I’d like to explore this more and am getting my thoughts together to try to analyze what goes on in the scene as far as what the public eye can glimpse. A lot of posturing goes on behind the scenes on forums, IRC and Jabber servers; these need the right access to get into. While some access might be corporation membership, others might be out of a need for diplomatic symbiosis. It’ll be interesting to see how much access I can get in the course of my research, but I’m hopeful.