Sometimes I feel like /r/starcraft understands.

Case-in-point: this self-post regarding the casting selection for the NASL finals.

I really can’t emphasize how important it was to have coherent and well-respected casters bring the final match of the tournament to everyone. I didn’t have to hear someone who wasn’t sure of what was going on and didn’t have to survive through the slow, soft and confidence-lacking play-calling.

DayJWhe9t on the other hand, performed well and even kept me in the loop with subtle hints of locations and movements even as I listened to merely the audio of the cast while driving around for a bit yesterday evening.

I wish radio was still a thing, sometimes.

Realization why so few watched NASL’s second regular season.

Gretorp and orb, among many technical failings.

I’m not quite sure how to say this… but I sure do hope that these two aren’t casting the finals of the tournament.

I know that they’ve been working hard for the smaller-than-expected viewership throughout their second season, but one would think that after weeks of casting together that they would pick up on some of the flow of being a broadcaster in general.

To be fair, orb has the timing and the role he’s playing down (as the guy who know’s what he’s actually talking about). And Gretorp, well… I don’t think there’s a nice thing that I can say about him at all.

And I know I’m not the only one that’s not particularly happy about this caster combination so far today.

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Second chances and boxing rings.

These two things typically don’t go together, but that’s exactly what’s being merged together with the North American Star League’s Season Two championship beginning this afternoon and running through Sunday. There’s a DotA-clone tournament going on as well as the single-elimination best-of-five StarCraft 2 playoffs.

Quite a few names are in attendance for the chance at the $40,000 grand prize including my pick to win the tournament, Gama Bear’s Sen—but that’s only because it’s truly time for him to come out and take a pretty big tournament. Or something like that. It’s a decent tournament that had lost most of what made it appealing from the massive amount of players and Korean interest in the online-season and offline-finals and its massive prize purse for the winner of the high-octane championship playoffs.

This time, it seems like they’re having to resort to making the main event seem like… a main event. The untried boxing ring set-up is cool, but how will booths fit into the equation? I suppose we’ll see as soon as the DotA-clone semi-final finishes and the StarCraft 2 event begins.

The stream is live right now at coming from a convention center in Ontario, CA. Brent, Derek and Jacqueline from ESFI are on the ground to cover the event. Along with the rest of the staff, I’ll be adding in well-written things from home.