Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E20.

  • “Don’t?” I sense Rockstar bashing in the near-future.
  • brb preparing my sexy thuomp outfit
  • PlayStation 4 consoles in Brazil have an import duty? Well, that would certainly cause the price to rise by over four times the initial USD-equivalent price of the console itself.
  • Unreal Engine 4 is only for PC. That’s fine. I think I’ll join the rest of the world in waiting for Epic Games to port the engine to another platform that needs it–like the upcoming consoles.
  • Now the teaser at the beginning of the episode feels a bit harsh. Of course there will be malware-seeded torrents of PC games available on various trackers. I’m pretty sure every major release in the past decade and a half has a spam-filled copy or honey-pot vector out there in some manner. This is normal and shouldn’t have warranted a PSA, but I suppose that PC gamers feel a bit jealous of the final-hour current-generation console players who have access to this great game and would do just about anything possible to get their hands on a copy.
  • Isn’t reselling access to PBS a crime? If it isn’t, it should be. Shame on Microsoft for pressuring PBS to put content on its Xbox service and then hide it behind the paywall that everyone already pays for.
  • Nintendo invented a new princess character for it’s upcoming Super Mario 3D World. Annnnnnnnd no one cared because it’s a 3D remake of Super Mario World. Bonus Graham Nintendo zing!
  • The Wii is dead in Japan, long live the Wii! Double bonus Kathleen Nintendo zing!