My notes on the r/Overwatch content petition.

Whenever something happens that catches my eye in the realm of sports, I generally try to break it down the simplest way possible by putting it in my notebook. I’ve got pages upon pages of notes about the latest r/Overwatch drama that I discussed on the latest episode of the lowercase esports podcast that might not have made it to air, but was on my mind while recording it.

Hit the jump to peruse the knee-jerk reactions that I record in the moment to keep some semblance of consistency and sanity when it comes to trying to keep these things in order in my head.

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Here’s what I learned from the /r/leagueoflegends mod drama over the past few days.

bcarr: but what you haven’t seen are the [Riot] orders to prevent e-stalking and the distribution of e-stalking detectors called e-readers and books about scientology
§1: we need more hyphens.
bcarr: hyphenation is spreading across the nation-state
§1: I prefer e-hypenation really
§2: eHyphens
bcarr: now spell like AN euro
bcarr: e-hyphenuateons
§1: E H Y P H E N S
§3: e-Hyphens

Look, I don’t know if Riot really is pulling strings and shouting orders at the subreddit moderators or not like Richard Lewis’ articles suggest. Here’s what I believe:

  1. If you’re running a public fan forum for X and the company behind X approaches you, you trumpet it ’til kingdom come as a victory—you shouldn’t bury it. If you don’t, something’s weird.
  2. A NDA isn’t control, but it sure is ~control.~ There is a difference.
  3. “Trust but verify” will never work in esports. That’s why Richard Lewis and others investigate esports stories for more information.