Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E3.

  • Graham’s delayed enjoyment of Halo 4 is a lot like mine. I didn’t pick the game up at launch and decided to wait until the game came out on the download store thing, whatever it’s called. this was a good call, because it seems that the copy only came with the campaign and the multiplayer bits had to be downloaded. I’m also enjoying the Infinity missions co-op campaign.
  • Kathleen makes the obvious point about the Aussies rejecting games from classification to stop them from being sold in their country, but this makes me wonder how morals fit into the typical Aussie view. Maybe I’ll do some looking into this.
  • Molyjam is dumb. It might have some cool indies developed in the competition, but it’s still dumb.
  • Routine is basically Doom 3 on steroids, as far as I can tell. It’ll doubtlessly fare better than Doom 3, but with the bells and whistles they’re adding on, you’d think that the horror genre would develop specifically for elements like Oculus Rift support or force-feedback controllers.
  • BamFu is the tablet/smartphone gimmick game that I swear has already been done before, but is getting the polish and refinement that warrants marketing attention. Therefore, CheckPoint covers it as well. Odd.
  • Some actual news: free-to-play games will be exempt from PlayStation Plus fees on the PS4, while Xbox One owners must have the Xbox Gold subscription. Therefore, free-to-play will actually not be free-to-play on the Xbox. Pretty lame, but considering anyone who owns games with DLC has to pay the Gold fee for access to them in the first place, it’s probably a non-starter for more arguments against the Xbox One.
  • No Xbox news for next week? Oh man. I might pay for that.
  • The Kinect mic is bad and the Xbox One’s Kinect mic can’t replace a headset, as MSFT claims. I hope my headset will continue to work with the Xbox One I’ll probably end up pre-ordering.