Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E21.

  • Wasn’t Titanfall supposed to not see a PS4 release by design? Oh well. Graham will surely give us a reason to fear that it never will soon enough.
  • Whoa, Kathleen is particularly hyper this episode.
  • Jonathan Ross being hired by MSFT’s UK division as some sort of executive producer sure sounds like a good deal for the Brits and other Euro-folks, but I share Graham’s pessimism of the hiring. I know he’s a funny guy, but that doesn’t really translate into being a great inspiration for anything, much less video games.
  • The Command & Conquer cancellation. The end of a great IP.
  • Angry Birds: Star Wars on the PS4 or Xbox One for 40 USD? A new low.
  • Runescape developers JAGEX copies and implements a core aspect of EVE Online and finds rampant success in decimating the pirate gold community. Excellent.
  • EA promised that Titanfall would be MSFT-console exclusive thanks to publishing rights or something dumb where money was exchanged in order to reach an agreement screwing prospective PlayStation 4 owners.
  • Fill in that scene, Graham.
  • Sony playing it smart in some alternate business universe making some of their next generation games and accessories available before the actual console is officially launched. Anything new, here? NOPE.