Want a positive story about SC2? Husky’s improvement is worthy of your attention.

YouTube user utube2151 uploaded this video recently and it was submitted to /r/starcraft yesterday by PJ83. It’s largely gone unnoticed by the community, but the brief moment that the video highlights really does prove how much the man has improved over what we originally thought of him. And let’s be honest–not all of us thought he was the best thing ever when he started out.

Double bonus: he’s nearly 15k views away from hitting a whopping 400 million total views of his content on his YouTube channel. An awesome milestone by any standard.

Keep it up, Mike.

It’s as if Blizzard and MLG are playing chicken instead of negotiating details of a live event.

For over the last month, when the North American StarCraft 2 community would have normally heard about details for an upcoming MLG tournament, MLG has been silent. For reference, the last credible communication that was given before this week was a comment made by a certain League Operations Manager on Reddit stating that details about the event would be surfacing soon, save that those details were not released in that timeframe.

Someone posted a question to /r/starcraft community this past week asking if there had been any new information about SC2 at Anaheim. Nothing.

A popular Boston-based BarCraft organizer shared that their event was in jeopardy as their typical event hub required a month’s notice for large parties like theirs.

Practically zero communication from MLG (or Blizzard, though it’s not entirely their place) on either of these concerns.

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Chobopeon starts a debate on CS:GO and maps.

  1. chobopeon
    wouldnt it be swell if cs(go) had map pool as dynamic as bw’s and sc2’s?
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 01:30:07
  2. chobopeon
    @keekerdc maybe not equally dynamic but i think an intuitive level editor and/or more map diversity wouldve gone done the game good.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 01:40:51
  3. keekerdc
    @chobopeon I’d much rather see two great teams play on a map they both know well than some map they’ve been scrimming for five days
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 01:46:51
  4. chobopeon
    @keekerdc uh, yeah. me too. but there’s a middle ground where we dont play the same maps for 10 years.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 01:47:40
  5. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc The classic maps are the only thing that previous CS/CS:S players will be able to be familiar with in CS:GO.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 01:57:05
  6. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc what about the weapons, the gameplay and the look of it? anyway sc2 had LT, that doesnt mean it was the only thing.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:00:58
  7. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc I’d argue that maps are more important to gameplay in CS than SC2, as the latter is competitively about build strategy.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:04:54
  8. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc Routes and decision making about what ground to hold are important to FPS games just as which units to make are in SC2.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:04:56
  9. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc so you think it’d be too much to change maps more often than once a decade? thats part of how gameplay evolved in bw
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:07:17
  10. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc it provides variety, strategic/tactical evolution and novelty for players and viewers.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:08:00
  11. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc i mean i love nuke as much as anyone but i dont think the game reaches full potential w/o some new ground to cover
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:09:02
  12. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc BW needed maps to change because play favored one strategy on a map. CS players are more conservative than neocons.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:12:42
  13. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc CS players optimize routes on a given map. Any minute change would cause an uproar.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:12:49
  14. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc im not asking to change an existing map, im asking for completely new ones
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:13:35
  15. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc Which is funny, because Nuke in CS:GO offers LESS ground to cover over previous versions. Wonder what Valve’s thinking.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:14:27
  16. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc well i meant new ground metaphorically but :D
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:15:34