Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E14.

  • Critiquing the Ouya’s revenue generation scheme? Sounds good.
  • Kathleen singing. Silliness.
  • Grand Theft Auto V’s playable area is so large that it apparently covers the combined entire playable areas of GTA: San Andreas (which I thought was pretty big for its time), GTA 4 (which seems smaller than it is), and Red Dead Redemption (which was didn’t seem as big as it seemed slow to traverse). That factoid just makes it more likely that I’ll enjoy the game when I pick it up tomorrow.
  • Atlas is publishing a new Tex Murphy adventure? How kickass is that going to be?
  • Ubisoft is missing the point with mobile iterations of already successful intellectual property. The point of these games are to utilize the full functionality of the touch display technology while staying as true to the context of its bigger brother products. An Assassin’s Creed game without stealth just sounds wrong, doesn’t it?
  • Disney needs some of the advice that I just gave to Ubisoft above regarding developing entertaining experiences for mobile devices.
  • More Ouya issues? #standard
  • I would play CheckPoint Host Creed. I would pay for it, too.
  • Another practical solution from Sony, taking a page out of Apple’s problem solving ‘make a product to solve a single problem’ technique.