Regarding the recent discussion of frag movies.

Since @thooorin published a video discussing what he calls The Fragmovie Problem, I’ve been thinking about the good ol’ days of frag movies.

I remember when frag movies weren’t expressly the meme exhibitions that they mostly seem to be today. Think about it: before the ubiquity of streaming capability, only a few people had the perfect combination of a computer able to capture its own video output, proper music sequencing and video creation software, and the knowledge to connect everything together in such a way to be entertaining.

I used to keep up with the content posted to in the heyday of CS:S bunnyhopping and Q3A promods. One of the videos that I liked the most wasn’t a CS:S frag movie or a CS 1.6 historical reference, but a Quake promod music video called The Contenders 2.

Every time I hear the bridge to Rage Against The Machine’s Bulls on Parade, I think of this quad damage railgun spree.

Sadly, due to a copyright claim, the video above is only the first half of the video, but contains a handful of the best scenes I’ve seen in any frag movie. entik’s full video seems lost on the current version of, which is sad. The second half of the video has a couple of kickass sequences that culminate in a spaced out credits roll that’s assembled beautifully.

I haven’t found a full version of The Contenders 2 on a streaming site, but there is a download hosted on MaverickServers box somewhere in the ether. You should check it out sometime.

Marking the calendar for my summer vacation.

After this past July’s trip to Vegas and my awesome experience at EVO 2016, it’s a safe bet that I’d make EVO my main summer vacation plan again. Today’s announcement just means I can mark it on my calendar.

Here’s hoping I get to run a metric fuckton of brackets again this year and then walk away from the poker table with double my buy in the night before I fly back home, because that was an awesome way to end my last trip.

Now on offer: Overquake Watchchampions-flavored Koolaid!

The early testing phase for Quake: Champions is not exactly around the corner, but the game’s publisher is looking for staff to help manage the game through its ‘sometime in 2017’ launch and beyond. A programmer posted a link to a job opening for an “eSports Coordinator” listing at Zenimax.

A few issues with this straight-away:

  • The capital S indicator is present. Thus we can assume these folks have not caught up on modern esports.
  • id Software have not announced the removal of ‘champion abilities’ from the game, thus the game is still going to be shit.
  • The Texas site in the listing makes me wonder if ‘de facto QuakeCon program coordinator’ is part of your job description.

However, thanks to the power of Twitter, I was able to condense the essence of those above points by sharing the following tweet with my own comment attached!

The realization made by Zenimax that Quake needed to be ‘modernized’ in order to be successful is disappointing. Based on what we know now, this game is not going to resemble anything that the title should suggest. id Software should seriously consider either dropping the individuality from the champions they’re developing, or at least removing the abilities from potential ranked modes or proposed models for professional gameplay.

That’s not to say there is zero potential for Quake: Champions to bring or revisit classic game modes that Quake and its community popularized. Smaller team-based modes (such as 3v3 team death match or capture the flag) could see a return. I just can’t say I can see it succeeding the way Zenimax believe it might based on what we know now.

Gfinity looking to run the goofiest MWR tourney ever.

Controllers and PC gaming shouldn’t mix at the competitive level, but Gfinity intends to kick the trend whilst thinking aloud “maaaaaaaates, let’s give Modern Warfare Remastered a real show in London, yeah?”

Inviting former COD4 console pros when Europe was practically ground zero for the longest running COD4 Promod competitive community in the world amuses me to no end, but hey, 2016!

Overloaded Modewatch

Overwatch is a pretty young game and all, and, sure, there’s probably plenty of game modes that some players will want to play depending on which FPS game they played before, but ranked 1v1 mirror duels and 3v3 TDM?

PVPLive continues on the clickb–I mean–catchy and odd headline spree with: Ranked 1v1 Mirror Matches and 3v3 Elimination a Possibility in Overwatch.

Why can’t we just have cool game modes rotating into the Brawl slot, instead? I mean, Pharah-based bball would be awesome.

Back to the blog.

I’ve made one of these posts before using the same title. And yet, I’ve committed another exodus from this blog to Medium. And once again, I’m returning to this WordPress installation that I’ve had online for years.

In an age where Twitter’s stability and timeline seem to be getting more constrained every day top the point where the social media platform’s sunset years (or quarters) are in front of it, I just feel like the platform where I’m the most at home at isn’t exactly the most dependable place to put my ideas going forward. While it still exists, I’m going to use it, rest assured.

As far as why I’m moving back to the blog from Medium, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t live up to the massive amount of writing and formality that Medium seems to bring for my longer-than-a-tweet content. I like Medium as a platform. I like the design of everything on Medium. The editor is brilliant. The functionality of publications and profiles makes sense to me.

I think Medium will find more success from users and freelance writers who’ve actually spent time honing their writing skills. It’s fair to say that I don’t have that experience and ability, as much as I’d like to have thought that I could be a news writer or some sort of journalist about esports or anything else, really. I just want to write snarky posts that drip in sarcasm and skepticism (potentially ignorance) on a site that I control and own.

So yeah. Smaller posts. More direct writing. Less feeling like I have to write epic dissertations. More thinking like I can use the blog to help keep up without giving others a feed overload.

I’m going to try.