A few points on my recent history…

I started to participate in SquadOps events in early 2018. SquadOps is an organization of players that hold regular private games that promotes tactics and teamwork in Squad. Participation is open, but in order to attend events, players are required to complete the SquadOps Tactics and Training (SOTT) Basic course to participate in operations.

I completed SOTT Basic in early January 2018 and I have also completed the SOTT Advanced Weapon Systems and SOTT Vehicle courses. In April 2018, I passed the SOTT FTL course. In June 2018, I achieved the SOTT SUL certification. I also joined SquadOps staff as part of the Event Admin team.

In September 2018, the machine I was gaming on died and left me to resign my position as part of the Event Admin team.

In April 2019, I returned to active status within the SquadOps community with the procurement of a new gaming machine. Shortly thereafter, I was invited to rejoin staff as a part of the now-defunct Representation team. At about the same time, I started training to join the SOTT team. I completed SOTT’s staff training regiment in June. In February 2020, I continued to expand my roles in the organization by rejoining the Event Admin team.

Around March 2020, I was invited to help build an EVE Online wormhole corporation with a few friends from SquadOps, including its founder, Karmakut. In short order, we built the corporation into one of the fastest growing groups in the game for a while.

In July 2020, I resigned my positions with the Event Admin and SOTT teams in SquadOps due to a work schedule change being unable to participate on a regular basis.

Karmunism called several wormholes home, but eventually downsized into something more appropriate for itself as IRL and other priorities took the focus of many of the more active leadership away from the group, including myself. I also briefly spun my own corp (Aurilen Materials Services) back up in order to assist newer players to the w-space lifestyle to adjust and integrate into the game.

As of December 2020, K.LIM ceased active operations and its membership have founded a new corporation to continue living in wormholes. If I ever return to New Eden, I don’t think I’ll be able to convince myself to go back.

I resumed my role as a broadcaster for SquadOps after the holiday season of 2020 and I’m still broadcasting on Saturday afternoons (our session 1 designated time). In September 2021, I accepted an assistant manager role in charge of streaming operations for the group. Between those times, I started playing with Karmakut’s community including organized hostage rescue scenarios on Ground Branch, their own variation of the Arma 3 Liberation mode, as well as other titles.