TLEP #028: Call of Redo-ty

If Activision Blizzard plays its card right with the upcoming Call of Duty title (especially considering what’s purportedly being packed in with the game,) it’s sure to spark a huge positive response from its community of hardcore fans. Today’s podcast explores just how cool this whole idea is if it comes with the right support.

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TLEP #027: DOOMed From The Get-Go?

Unless Bethesda announce some drastic, sweeping changes to the upcoming DOOM title, it’s unlikely to be the critical success that it was hyped to be–and certainly not anywhere near the savior that the arena shooter genre deserves. In today’s podcast I go over how royally fucked DOOM is if the recent open beta was any indication.

When I initially published today’s podcast, I smashed a few extra keys into the episode title, so if you see qqw3332www at the end of the episode title in your podcast client, just know that I am a clumsy idiot and that you’re not going crazy.

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TLEP #025: A Minor Thing

Would you look at that? MLG–I mean–Activision Blizzard will be running another official CS:GO tournament! In today’s podcast I go over the announced details for the upcoming Americas Minor and I briefly explore why ATVI getting more work from Valve wasn’t as shaky a proposition as I originally thought.

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A Bloomberg article you should read.

Bloomberg published a lengthy feature about the multi-billion dollar esports betting industry with a focus on CS:GO skins gambling. They’ve even gone so far as to say that Valve is poetntially liable for enabling illegal sports betting in the second-hand market because of gambling sites that are built around the Steam API.

These sites, while independently run, use Valve’s software and pay out in skins. Valve employees also communicate with CSGO Lounge and have given technical support to the site, said Courtney Timpson, a community administrator and spokesman for CSGO Lounge. The Valve logo is prominently displayed on the site, and in one post on its forum, a moderator addresses people—especially the “younger audience”—who feel that they have been scammed. “If something is wrong, don’t post on the forums; contact Valve/Steam,” the moderator writes.

They also fired what I’d like to think is the perfect shot at Riot while defending CS:GO’s ongoing audience growth spurt… in an article that’s largely critical of the second-hand CS:GO marketplace.

With familiar graphics and a spy-vs.-spy structure, CS:GO is far more accessible than fantasy games like League of Legends, which look like an incomprehensible frenzy of bizarre creatures casting spells on one another to the novice viewer.

TLEP #024: Coinflipping Is Not Gameplay

May it be known, that I am not a fan of spectator coinflipping infringing on the grand ol’ pastime of streaming games on the World Wide Web. This episode of the lowercase esports podcast is a jumble of words about how I feel on the subject, bouncing off of the Reddit post that sparked quite a discussion on r/globaloffensive.

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