I used to write things on this site, but I’ve since moved most of my writing over to Medium. If you’re looking to get in touch with me, this page contains hints about how to get in contact.

If you’re looking for a list of a certain set of skills… I’ll add that soon™.

If you’re looking for my zany ideas and opinions about competitive gaming and the games that drive the industry, you’ll want to look for lowercase esports. It’ll cover the major esports categorically: DotA-clones (Dota 2, League of Legends), the FGC (Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros. series, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, others), FPS games (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch), RNG-deckbuilders (RNGstone, Gwent, Clash Royale), and other titles (Rocket League).

For the podcast consuming esports fans and skeptics out there, I’m also co-hosting a podcast with my brother-in-esports @keekerdc which we endearingly call esports as f🔥ck. We’re aiming for a ‘nearly every week’ schedule and a thirty minute runtime. Listed on the major podcast directories.

I have been playing Destiny 2 on PC since day one. If you’d like to play sometime, hit me up on Twitter.

I’ve started to participate in SquadOps events recently. SquadOps is an organization of players that hold regular private games that promotes tactics and teamwork in Squad. Participation is open, but in order to attend events, players are required to complete the SquadOps Tactics and Training (SOTT) Basic course to participate in operations. I completed SOTT Basic in early January 2018 and I have also completed the SOTT Advanced Weapon Systems and SOTT Vehicle courses. I plan on earning the FTL certification the next time it rolls around.

Aurilen Material Services [AMAT.] is my lame little Caldari high-sec corporation that allows me to play the game and not appear (at face-value) that I’m operating alone in New Eden. The corporation calls the Aokannitoh system home with, when the corporation is active, offices in the system’s sole station off the second moon of the seventh planet.

I’ve typically kept my character, Cerov Aurilen, in Caldari high-sec space around Jita. Sometimes, I take a frigate or cruiser out into lo-sec space to see how long I can last in solo PvP, but I’m a bad. Otherwise, I occasionally dabble in the coolant, industrial explosives, and tritanium markets.

I’ve decided to not renew my pilot’s license, and will lose Omega status effective 2018Q2. Perhaps I’ll return someday when I rediscover the value of an EVE Online subscription.