Aurilen Material Services [AMAT.]

Aurilen Material Services [AMAT.] is a pretty fucking lame Caldari high-sec corporation that allows me to play the game and not appear (at face-value) that I’m operating alone in New Eden. The corporation calls the Aokannitoh system home with offices in the system’s sole station. Why? Because skill books are there. And it’s literally 1.0 security space. And there’s almost twenty belts to mine Veldspar at.

I’ve typically kept my character, Cerov Aurilen, in Caldari high-sec space, mainly around The Forge. Sometimes, I take a frigate out into low-sec space to see how long I can last in solo PvP, but I’m a bad. I always say ‘gf o7’ in chat, though, because respect should always be given to the gate-camping pirates that roam lo-sec. Otherwise, I speculate in the tritanium market.

If you’re interested in poking me in game for some reason, message Cerov Aurilen in-game.