Something doesn’t add up.

There was a number in the post-MLG Orlando press release that sort of prompted me to do a little digging.

“[…] $600,000 in prizes and stipends.”

I tried to work out the math on this one and this is what I came up with:

  • $120,000 (SC2 prizes)
  • $56,000 (Halo: Reach prizes)
  • $140,000 (Call of Duty: Black Ops prizes)
  • $6,400 (For qualifying SC2 pro players, estimated: 16 players * 400)
  • $6,400 (For qualifying Halo pro teams, estimated: 16 teams * 400)
  • $4,800 (For qualifying Call of Duty: Black Ops pro teams, estimated: 16 teams * 300)

That leaves approximately $266,400 as unaccounted for as various stipends or some manner of agreement that certain teams have with MLG to attend. This would certainly include the Korean GSL exchange agreements, additional stipends based on need for some players and of course, and deviations from my estimations of players involved in the pro player scene for each game.