It’s as if Blizzard and MLG are playing chicken instead of negotiating details of a live event.

For over the last month, when the North American StarCraft 2 community would have normally heard about details for an upcoming MLG tournament, MLG has been silent. For reference, the last credible communication that was given before this week was a comment made by a certain League Operations Manager on Reddit stating that details about the event would be surfacing soon, save that those details were not released in that timeframe.

Someone posted a question to /r/starcraft community this past week asking if there had been any new information about SC2 at Anaheim. Nothing.

A popular Boston-based BarCraft organizer shared that their event was in jeopardy as their typical event hub required a month’s notice for large parties like theirs.

Practically zero communication from MLG (or Blizzard, though it’s not entirely their place) on either of these concerns.

And then…

This morning, they finally announced something that should have been released months ago, but wasn’t.

Having only a month’s notice and the impact of having only that amount of time to make an informed decision about attending the event aside, how is this not anything but frustrating to the NA community?

I was looking forward to going to Anaheim on a personal level–it would’ve been nice to sneak in a vacation before the proper summer season and catch an event that I thought was a pretty fun the last time around. However, since details were shared about this long before the last month until the event last year, I would have spent a lot more than I was comfortable with spending to attend with this much short notice.

I think that the stumbling block in this instance has to be Blizzard more so than MLG. While a few of the folks that I’ve talked to over Skype are pretty pissed at MLG for taking so long with this, I’m not sure that I can 100% assign any of the blame to them. If it took Blizzard this long to give MLG permission to run a WCS event, I don’t even want to know how much of a pain it is to let another massively popular event that affects the meta of the entire game–like, say, the upcoming Home Story Cup–award WCS points to its top players.

Remember when SC2 events had simpler problems like not having enough chairs for crowds for their audience?

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