I wrote something on RVANews about esports. #winning

Esports: Giving reasons for gamers to invade your favorite event space since now — Even though Richmond’s cyber cafes have closed, that doesn’t mean local gaming groups don’t exist. It’s easy to associate local gaming with comic shops hosting Dungeons & Dragons one-offs; video games don’t require you to drive anywhere to play together with friends. One player group in Richmond is working to bring more attention to its esports meetups and to bring more players together.

It’s my first piece for a local news source and hey—would you look at that—it’s about esports!

Yeah, that’s a West Wing GIF. I’m rewatching the West Wing. U WOT M8? COME AT ME BRUH.

Ross Catrow, captain of the good ship RVANews, reached out to me and asked me to look into LOLRVA’s viewing party. I mean, they’re holding it at The Broadberry. They typically have them at smaller places, but The Broadberry? My first thought was along the lines of “I definitely need to check this out.” And I did.

Hopefully this is the first of many future articles I’ll contribute to RVANews. I know in the past and also this morning that I’ve been critical of Richmond as a city. However, now that Feedback has moved downtown and is coming up on a year at 14th and Cary, I think I am definitely warming up to Richmond in general.

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