Aside: In: esports unions. Out: edgy hosts.

2GD has released a second statement addressing the aftermath of the end of his career hosting official Valve events and snuck in an important preview of his plans.

I’m flying to Twitch HQ, They were kind -fucking awesome- enough to contact me about the situation and even book flights for me to visit them in America and then send me home!

While there, I’m going to work on a casters’ union. The talent at this major gave some great feedback. It’s a little too much work for me currently with everything. But a lot of people, including myself feel it’s needed and are willing to help, so I have no doubt we will get it done. Hopefully it helps sort out any future issues for parties like Valve and other organizers. I mean, other industries have figured this stuff out, and so should we.

We know there’s an unofficial Dota 2 union in the ether somewhere, and Richard Lewis has mentioned that he’s working on a more comprehensive organization effort, but there has been no discernible effort made for unionizing broadcasters and production crew.

Twitch getting involved might speed some aspects of these negotiations along, but it’s probably not the cure-all that everyone expects it to be. What are the possibilities that Amazon/Twitch/GoodGame end up reserving some sort of exclusive rights to represent players? Perhaps restricting a Twitch-sanctioned union to players that exclusively stream on Twitch? Or Twitch-exclusive events?

Even if these sort of organization efforts are benefits, I can’t see how any teams contracted to play in organizations like, say, the LCS, are able to organize under the threat of misconduct penalties. Toxic to the competitive spirit of the LCS?

Call me a horrible, moronic skeptic, but I’m horrible, moronic skeptical.

By the by, I released another episode of the podcast on Saturday. Next episode tomorrow.

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