This weekend was an awesome time for Dota 2.

How about all of that Dota 2 goodness from this past weekend? The grand final was an awesome series. And that Ad Finem team really should stick together and make a huge comeback in the next major. I guess it’s a bummer they couldn’t pull it together in the end, but I imagine they gave OG a moment of pause in that third game. It’s a shame that OG out-drafted Ad Finem in the other games.

Speaking of the next major, how about that surprise Kiev Major announcement? PGL seems to be making all of the best bids for Dota 2, this year. Weird, considering they ran that European CSGO Minor where they directly invited teams and sort of didn’t give a shit they were screwing with standing competitive structure of the CSGO Major system.

And that patch that’s coming out today and how Valve are taking some serious cues from in my opinion, the most fun-to-play Dota-clone out there and incorporating it into a massive game changing patch? It’s sparked my interest in Dota 2 to the point where I think I’ll actually pick up the game and give it a shot instead of playing Heroes of the Storm.

What a time to be, like I am, little-to-mildly involved in esports.

TLEP #046 – Change For Change’s Sake Is Dumb

Analysis is something that Thorin is pretty good at. I happen to think his most recent take on why Evil Geniuses and Team Secret ended up finishing next-to-last at the ongoing Manila Major for Dota 2 is pretty spot on. Some in the Dota 2 community think this opinion is too simplistic, and therefore needs addressing. Today’s show is a rant on just letting some things go and also agreeing that these two teams were high as fuck when they decided to allow these changes to happen, especially EG.

Also, this podcast was recorded before Universe decided to complicate everything by announcing he’s leaving TS for EG.

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