The Esports Morning podcast returns for 2017.

It’s been quite a minute since various schedules have been predictable / timely enough enough to sit down and schedule recordings, but it feels good to say the Esports Morning podcast will return for 2017 beginning today.

For this year, we’ll be recording episodes for release on Tuesdays. This first episode is a once-over of the current state of CSGO, ranging from matchmaking servers being offline to disagreements in the professional scene. Follow @EsportsMorning on Twitter for the latest episodes.

A snippet from tonight’s episode of the podcast. 

I wanted to share this funny bit I improvised from today’s episode of the lowercase esports podcast separately from the entire PEA/WESA hour-long dissection which will be published later today.

Well, I’d like to think it’s pretty funny.

Also, wow OneDrive makes sharing files or embedding them a bitch. Thankfully, WordPress has a decent player thingamabob. Have at it.

The full episode is now available:

TLEP #053 – How To Bet CS:GO Skins Online

In the course of everyone sharing their thoughts about the recent CS:GO gambling fiascos involving several prominent YouTubers, many reports on the subject involve a brief description of how making money on CS:GO skins work. However, the explanations offered in these articles aren’t nearly specific enough and only outline the process. Therefore, I’ve decided to take an entire episode and dedicate it to fully explaining how to gamble with skins.

the lowercase esports podcast isn’t–obviously–sponsored by any skins site, but I’m totally open to that, provided some specific conditions are met. If you represent a betting site, have listened to the podcast and are interested in sponsoring the podcast, my contact page has details on how to reach out to me. If you’re looking for more podcast content, the episode list and the links you’re looking for are here.

TLEP #052 – ELEAGUE Exclusion Edict Expressed Erroneously

Yesterday was quite the eventful day for the CS:GO scene. ELEAGUE’s exclusion of SK Gaming and Team X was a certainly controversial and the sheer fact that this sanction came about from a petition co-signed by seven team owners who effectively threatened to pull their business is remarkable. While the legal side of this decision has sparked discontent toward Turner’s handling of the situation, the delivery of this decision was executed in an abysmal manner. ELEAGUE’s commissioner should be ashamed at how this was handled.

Today’s episode of the lowercase esports podcast is a lengthy, speculation-filled overview of the ramifications of yesterday’s judgement. I’ve said the podcast is meant to be a fifteen to twenty minute affair, but I fully reserve the option to throw the time guidelines straight out and I’ve done exactly that for today’s episode.

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