Marking the calendar for my summer vacation.

After this past July’s trip to Vegas and my awesome experience at EVO 2016, it’s a safe bet that I’d make EVO my main summer vacation plan again. Today’s announcement just means I can mark it on my calendar.

Here’s hoping I get to run a metric fuckton of brackets again this year and then walk away from the poker table with double my buy in the night before I fly back home, because that was an awesome way to end my last trip.

#EVO2015 #HYPE #confirmed.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.03.04 PM

Well, I’m going to Vegas in the middle of July to attend EVO 2015. That’s for sure. As for everything else, who knows? It’ll be my first time in Vegas. I’m sure it’ll be a fun time as the bad fighting-game player amongst the FGC masses. Maybe I’ll relax while I’m out of town.