Gfinity looking to run the goofiest MWR tourney ever.

Controllers and PC gaming shouldn’t mix at the competitive level, but Gfinity intends to kick the trend whilst thinking aloud “maaaaaaaates, let’s give Modern Warfare Remastered a real show in London, yeah?”

Inviting former COD4 console pros when Europe was practically ground zero for the longest running COD4 Promod competitive community in the world amuses me to no end, but hey, 2016!

CEVO crossing the pond for S9 Finals is neat.

CEVO has been killing it lately. Running major qualification tournaments and reputable online leagues has solidified CEVO’s CS:GO operations as a solid option for players looking to escape Valve’s matchmaking system.

That makes yesterday’s announcement that it would partner with Gfinity to bring the Season 9 Finals to London is pretty great news for the many not-quite-minor-league CEVO teams on both sides of the Atlantic. Sporting an improved prize pot of $125k USD, it’s safe to say that some of the mainstream teams are probably taking the competition for a slot in the Gfinity Arena LAN playoff seriously.

Every new season of organized play typically brings about a few changes, but Season 9’s route to the London tournament has been cut down considerably. As this GosuGamers write-up points out, qualification will be decided by four single-elimination 16-team playoffs. It’s a much quicker process that will obviously yield higher stakes games, but it was change requested by several professional teams. Professional teams, after all, play in so many events over the year, so condensing the process would certainly help any pro team schedule their time more wisely. Ultimately, the single-elimination qualifiers should be fun to follow—especially if a professional team is sent home by a minor team.

CEVO Season 9’s regular season is ongoing, and the Finals are scheduled to be held at Gfinity Arena between 28 April and 1 May.