Ragequitters in SFV: the end is nigh.

I’ve talked about Capcom’s public encouragement to shame users who ragequit Street Fighter V games, but now it seems they’re going to be backing up that semi-official public encouragement with a new system designed to detect and punish these griefing players.

The system, intended for implementation before the end of April, was announced in a post made to the first-party Capcom-Unity news site alongside the announcement of Guile and a note about loosening of matchmaking restrictions. This removal of the community from the “shaming ragequitters” campaign was inevitable for Capcom.

However, not all disconnections are due to ragequitting. Matchmaking connection quality, according to Capcom, will see its threshold eased as a part of the patch. This change might help offset network-based drops at the cost of players being matched up in such a way that geographic location could become a major factor.

We’ll have to wait and see if the one-two combo of adding ragequitting penalties and relaxing of matchmaking restrictions will do the trick, but it’s safe to say that Capcom’s willingness to put a considerable amount of time into reversing the trend of abuse towards SFV’s competitive mode is a good signal of their commitment to the online community for the life-span of the game.