Keeping expectations… what they are.

I don’t want to turn this into a blog that comments on /r/starcraft all of the time, but I do think the following needs some sort of recognition.

Everyone needs to relax, it’s completely OK to use TL and r/starcraft together. Each site has its strengths and weaknesses, just accept each one for what it is and use both.

There’s really no need to try to make this subreddit into what you think it should be, because much like the hot hacker from “Transformers” believes about the code that hacked the US military network, a subreddit’s personality is a living organism, it changes every day. If people want to talk about SC2 celebrities, let them.

That’s the beauty of Reddit and the upvote downvote system. Don’t hate it, embrace it. 1

HotBid makes plenty of sense here. /r/starcraft is a community that consistently thinks of itself in the highest possible regard even though the most common of failures associated with any public forum come along for the ride. Team Liquid has this same failing, but it has a history of being an environment where the discussion actually meant something.

In Reddit, as other posters in the thread would go on to point out, the point-whoring system that is inherent in the system sets up a situation where the lines of post quality and quantity are often blurred.

Moderation is virtually nonexistent, aside from when the user base demands some sort of change and a token change is made to calm the /r/starcraft hive mind. I’d prefer if things stay the way that they are, though.

The freedoms of a more-or-less unmoderated experience on the subreddit have its benefits over a controlled experience such as Team Liquid. Then again, true StarCraft fanatics are more common at the latter compared to those on the progressive edge of the community.