An impressive G-man impersonation.

CoreyLaddo, back at it again with the tremendous use of Half-Life: Alyx assets in Source Filmmaker. This time, he’s enlisted the assistance of one JapaneseBushBaby who has an amazing G-man voice. It’s not quite Michael Shapiro, but it’s absolutely close enough!

Source Filmmaker truly is the gift to machinima that keeps on giving.

pluffaduff has done it again.

The Doom Eternal / SouljaBoy mashup you never thought you needed. It’s as if pluffaduff can do no wrong.

I’m not quite sure that we’re not in a simulation at this point in time.

Bonus remix: BlastProcessed’s remixes are inspired by the nature of sounds that you might hear coming out of a Sega Genesis. To my ear, Sega’s hardware always produced some weird sounds, but I have to say, if a real Genesis could ever play this arrangement natively, it could definitely change my mind.