A little thought about beta participation.

So, CS:GO is going to be the next video game to be hitting the beta testing chopping block. It will inevitably be subjected to the scrutiny of a game meant for release, even though it is a beta release and not a finished game.

Have I got that right so far?

How many of the people who are getting keys to the beta, expecting there to be some sort of paradise in the small player base the beta pool will have?

Will the prospect of having fun with a beta outweigh the price to play the beta when, undoubtedly, the chance of getting a code is relatively small and that game-altering bugs are present?

Personally, the beta isn’t something that I’m particularly looking forward to. I would likethegame to just get released tomorrow so I can take a look at the entire product. I have a feeling that this CS:GO beta might replicate the BF3 open beta experience that I had. Sure the games are different, but that didn’t stop those from exploiting what bugs the game had to ruin the multiplayer experience.

I guess BF3 just ruined beta testing things with the rest of the crowd for me, granted the Source engine might not have the same or as many issues as the Frostbite 2 engine has—I’m not entirely sure.

3 thoughts on “A little thought about beta participation.

  1. So you had a bad experience with the BF3 beta? I think it was a lot better than the alpha. Beta’s aren’t ideally made as demos, they are put out there for testing. Normally they are older builds they’ve had more success in house with, that’s why they release to more masses to test with.

    • I used to be able to get into beta testing in general. Finding and reporting bugs. I used to do this for some goldsrc mods. I suppose the general ‘try to be helpful’ aspect of a beta is lost on folks nowadays?

      • Most people look at betas as an early access, expecting a demo-like environment, which is hardly the case. Although if you look at something like minecraft (which just recently came out of beta) and Tribes:Ascend whom sale beta access to a pretty well polished game still in active development, it does taint what other devs do.

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