Blizzard could live stream their announcement from Korea… but giving the international public all the information? There’s no need.

Now, I’m not going to pre-judge how badly the LiveonThree stream is going to be with regards to handling the information that will come out of the Blizzard press event tomorrow morning Korean time, but Blizzard’s dropping the ball on producing the announcement for an international audience really just comes down to one of two things:

  1. Blizzard thinks that the other regions shouldn’t care about the drastic restructuring announcement that they’re about to make because it only involves goodKorean players
  2. Blizzard is moving all in on the Korean scene because the other scenes are not worth the effort because they are bad.

Right. Those two things are pretty much the same thing. However, I’m not the only person who thinks this way! Internet coolguy Ferguson Mitchell and I are on the same wavelength:

See!?! Someone else thinks that the NA region of SC2 is bad.

I also got Internet coolguy Chris Schetter‘s initial thoughts about the rumors surrounding the announcement:

I think if the rumors are true then the eventual inclusion of EU and NA scenes are relatively inevitable, in due time, in that order. There’s little sense in Blizzard up-ending the global scene all at once.

I ask if Blizzard could be ignorant enough to put their efforts at reforming the Korean scene ahead of the rest of the world and get this reply:

Sure. I wouldn’t characterize Blizzard’s handling of pro scene affairs as particularly masterful to this point.

So the general idea here is… I really hope Blizzard doesn’t screw up this announcement.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this five minute long loop of what could be preface to the greatest comeback music has even seen:

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