The new laptop is working out awesomely.


In other news, I ranked into Silver III on CS:GO!

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 10.02.01 PM

Then I promptly starting complaining about other players being bad:

But getting back to the reason this post exists at all:

I might have over-estimated the frame rate of the game, but I’m amazed that the machine can handle the game at all, much less render the game playable at native resolution. I have the graphics turned down to a lower level than the game’s auto-detect suggested and I’m using the MacBook Air’s built-in keyboard and an ancient Logitech RF laptop mouse, and it’s still an awesome little machine.

I’m glad that I made the purchase, even if I put it off for months because I felt like it might have been an irresponsible purchase. I’m looking forward to playing games on a PC again, since the good ship Xbox One still isn’t worthy enough of laying down money on, in my opinion.

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