Aside: I tried to be funny today and it made me realize I am the worst.

Rant ahead. Turn away now if you couldn’t be bothered about some random personal rant bullshit on a blog supposedly about esports and gaming. I apologize in advance for the following post, but I’m trying to get myself to write more often and stifling an intense urge to write out a thought based on the fact that it’s not about esports or gaming is lame.

I’d like to think that I can be funny on Twitter from time to time. Perhaps the fact that a couple of my tweets during last night’s Super Bowl ended up actually seeing the light of day and getting some favorites as a result was an anomaly that, in turn, prompted me to try to be a bit more funny on Twitter than I would usually be. (When my usual self on Twitter is ‘uninteresting’ and ‘dull’ then anything else is going to be par for the course.)

This afternoon, a 10am PST scheduled release hit the fan somewhere, and it became known that Sony sold SOE to a private investment firm. I decided I would post a silly tweet drawing on the pessimism of acquisitions in the games industry before the story blew up just to see what would happen. Usually nothing happens. Here’s the tweet in question:

Yeah, probably not the best joke in the world, but whatever. It’s not like I’m being paid to have an opinion on the matter, so a little bit of silly noise isn’t going to hurt anything.

I see another conversation mentioning the Zelda series of games shortly after that and try to sneak this post in edgewise:

Hell, I even commented about the Super Bowl last night, and I’m the worst at following sports like handegg:

The next thing I know I get into a conversation with someone who is A) absolutely brilliant, 2) actually works in the games industry, and thirdly) is way smarter than I am about probably everything. So I tried to explain how my original tweet was actually a silly joke I was making about a generalization about how gamers view selling out as the melodramatic end of all things.

I thought I had explained myself well enough. And maybe I have. I’m not sure anymore.

Unrelated to that whole episode, I had this mental break wherein I thought I was talking out loud and contributing to a conversation that was happening, but it turns out that I was simply mumbling to myself and was barely auditory. Eventually, I decided that I couldn’t just kick myself for tripping over my words or feel like I was too slow to speak out in a timely manner. I just had to open my mouth.

Or something like that.

After said revelation, I tried giving being funny another go because some dumb Tinder story got published at TechCrunch and I thought that I could easily craft a funny joke.

After looking at what I had just published, I wasn’t sure that it was funny enough. So I quickly added a disclaimer:

However, I did go on, in this very blog post. So, ultimately, I’m not quite sure about myself anymore. Maybe I’m okay. Or not. I dunno.

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